Welcome to Appleland Farm Market! Stop in and see what's new at the Appleland Farm Market this fall!





~ STOCK UP ~   25% OFF all Apples continues (excludes 2nds & deer apples).  Appleland’s Raw Honey offers a naturally sweet alternative to sugar and lasts indefinitely.  Pick up a few extra half-gallons of apple cider.  The half-gallon containers are great for freezing.  Just thaw and enjoy our delicious apple cider throughout the winter months!

Buy local! Stop into the Appleland Farm Market for many varieties of apples including Honeycrisp, McIntosh, Cortland, Gala, Jonagold and SnowSweet.  During the Fall Harvest Season, Appleland offers pick-your-own apples and pick-your-own pumpkins with weekend wagon rides to the pumpkin patch.


As Seen on Real Milwaukee on Fox6!  Chip Brewster from Real Milwaukee visits Appleland. 
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