Appleland has maintained a wholesale apple business since its early years. In 2011, a new packing facility was built with a new processing line.  The new processing line uses computer controller cameras. The cameras detect size, color and any flaws in the apples. The apples are individually tracked on the grading system.  The apples move along and are distributed based upon camera images. Production increased from three hundred (300) boxes per day to nearly one thousand (1,000) boxes per day with the new processing line.

Appleland offers many different varieties of apples and various packaging options to meet our wholesale customer’s needs.

  • Varieties include Honeycrisp, McIntosh and Cortland. To see a complete list of varieties Appleland offers, go to the Apples link.
  • Packaging Options: 3#, 5#, tray pack, bulk and loose pack. Bags can be packed in cases or bins.

The majority of our apples stay in Wisconsin! Look for us at your local grocer.


For your wholesale needs, contact us at:

Email:  appleland@applelandorchard.com
Phone:  262-483-7410
Address:  6330 County Road B, Belgium, WI 53004